Easterside Hill from Newgate Bank

Easterside Hill from Newgate Bank - North York Moors
I’ve had my eye on this view for many years and have tried to capture it on several occasions. On this afternoon I was actually hoping to capture a snowy view from Sutton Bank but on arriving I was surprised to find the snow had melted overnight. It also looked like the sun was about to disappear into a large bank of cloud for the remainder of the afternoon. I could however see the sky looked much more interesting to the east. For some reason this view immediately came to mind so I decided to drive around via Helmsley just to have a look.

Upon arriving I couldn’t believe my eyes, the light looked perfect but would it last long enough for me to capture the view? There was only one way to find out. I literally ran up the road and quickly setup and composed this image. The light lasted just long enough for me to capture this one image before the sun dipped behind a cloud.

I have always loved Bilsdale and the drive from Stokesley to Helmsley is one of my favourites in the moors so it’s nice to finally have an image that, at least starts, to do this beautiful valley some justice.

Sony A7R + Canon TS-E 24mm Lens
Date: 24/01/2015
Location: Bilsdale

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