I don't offer formal organised group workshops, my workshops are based around the concept of bespoke one-to-one tuition. The reason I've taken this approach is simply that it was something I wanted when I was starting out and again when I was making the jump from enthusiast to advanced but I couldn't find anybody that offered it at a sensible price. The basic idea is to tailor the tuition to your exact needs so you get the absolute maximum benefit from the day.

I run my workshops on the North Yorkshire Coast and in the North York Moors. Please take a look at the images in the Photo Gallery (Link) for inspiration and ideas. If you have a specific location in mind, as long as I know it intimately I'll be happy to organise a day there for you. Alternatively I'm happy to suggest locations based on the time of year, tides, seasons etc. Being a fulltime professional I'm also fairly flexible on dates, weekend or mid-week and will try my best to work around you. If possible I do prefer to run workshops midweek as popular locations such as Whitby tend to be quieter but I am happy to do weekends if you can’t get the time off work

MINI WORKSHOP £150 - This is a 4-5 hours session which in the winter is normally early afternoon until well after sunset and in the summer is an evening session, again finishing well after sunset.

FULL WORKSHOP £250 - This is an 8-10 hour session that in mid winter runs from before dawn until well after sunset. In summer I normally run the sessions from around noon until well after sunset.

CAPTURE TO PRINT WORKSHOP £250 - In winter we go out for a dawn/morning shoot, then head back to my studio where I demonstrate every stage of processing in the digital dark room and you go home at the end of the day with a couple of nice mounted prints. In summer we go out for an evening session than do the processing as a second session.

Prices include all tuition and all transport during the workshop but do not include food & drinks or transport to or from the meeting point, unless you're staying or live locally.

I do not make any images of my own during the workshops. You're paying me to tutor you, so you get 100% of my attention throughout the session

With beginners the way I approach the day is to take you to a beautiful location and using my camera demonstrate every step of how I make a landscape photograph. We cover everything from initial location choice to camera setup, then building a balanced composition, use of neutral density graduated filters (ND Grads) to balance the sky and foreground, how and where to focus to maximise depth of field and setting and making the exposure. Finally I show how to evaluate the image accurately on the back of the camera using the histogram and highlight alerts and show how to fine tune the exposure to get the maximum impact from the scene. After that I put my camera away and we get your gear setup and you make an identical image using your camera (and my full Lee filter system if required). We then move to other compositions and locations, practising the techniques over and over in different situations and lighting conditions. At first I'll be helping you every step of the way (holding your hand so to speak) but as the session goes on I try to step further back allowing you to make all the decisions and then just help with a little fine tuning. My aim is to get you to a level where you can capture images that are right in camera and that need little or no processing in the digital dark room.

With more advanced photographers I follow a similar format but my aim is to help you make the jump from being able to make a visual record of a location to a level where you can express yourself artistically and capture the mood of how it felt to be there at the moment the shutter was released. We'll be looking in a lot more detail at things like the use of filters, including Neutral Density filters to slow the exposure and will discuss how exposure & shutter speed affect the mood of an image. We will also discuss pre-visualisation and how light, tides, weather, times of day & the seasons affect the landscape and how we can use these to our advantage.

If you're interested drop me a line via the 'Contact' page (Link) letting me know what you have in mind and I'll get straight back to you with some ideas.

Please also take a look at the entries in my Guestbook (Link)